Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Tee Shirt dressing is the hottest, must have for early fall wear!!! This casual style trend can be found on all the latest trendsetters and looks great paired with leggings, slouchy boots, ballet flats, or end of the summer gladiators!!!! What I love about T-Shirt dressing is the fact that the look can be worn on just about any shape and can easily be transformed with the help of a cute skinny or wide belt or a little chain bling!!!!!! Simple and Chic...That's the way to go!!! Check out the looks that I found at 10% off for Labor Day) and this store). And for the the more budget conscience fashionista, try American Apparel, for all things Tee!!! Ooh, and they just opened a store in Georgetown; cant wait to check it out!!!!

Live Long and be CreaTEEv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Fav: pixiemarket $119

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