Monday, September 8, 2008

Make My Leggings Leather!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the 80's just wont die and that's just fine by me!!!! Leggings, an 80's staple, are a must have for any fashion diva!!! They are great worn along(shape permitting) and of course as a layered item!!! And if you want a more polished look for a night on the town...Try textured, leather leggings or for a more cost effective look, go for the latex leggings, they give the same look as the leather at a much cheaper cost!!! Leather or leather like leggings look great paired with the hottest shoe for fall...The Bootie(by Giuseppe Zanotti) or with your favorite pair of stilettos(Michael Kors) or platforms. Or just be cozy and go for a simple flat, which have also gotten a makeover for fall!!! Try looks from Kova & T, The Row featured at Barney's, and of course the number one layering retailer...American Apparel!!!!!

It's all about being fashionably chic and not spending a million bucks, if you don't have too!!!! Let's get ready for fall ladies!!!!!!!

Live long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!

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