Monday, February 9, 2009

Clean Karma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sticking with my going green theme; let's talk enviromentally friendly cleaning products! Being a new mom, Im all about baby friendly, but clean, products! With that said, let me introduce you to Karmalades...Cleaners with a Conscience. These amazing cleaning products are multifunctional and smell good too! Karmalades was founded and made with love by a good friend of mine and she really poured her heart and soul into this product. Everything about Karmalades is fantastic!

Here's a little product info:

Ensure your good Karma and that of the planet by using Karmalades the cleaner with a conscience to keep your home sparkling clean. The Scrubbing Souffle comes in three different scents, Lemon Merengue, Almond Butter, and Coconut Macaroon. Smells good enough to eat..but don't! Instead use this all purpose cleaner to scrub your tub, countertops, sink dishes and more.

And did I mention, they smell yummy!!!!

When you do good for the environment, good is sure to come back to you! Now how's that for Karma!!!!

To learn more about karmalades or purchase your own, contact

Karmalades will be available for purchase at at the end of the month!

Live Long and Go Clean Green!!!!!!!!!!!!

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