Monday, February 2, 2009

Get Bear Naked for the Environment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I might be kinda late, but I just discovered the most fabulous and convenient thing in make-up removal...Bear Naked Wipes! They are perfect for traveling(TSA approved) and they are free of all harmful chemicals and the best part...Proceeds go towards saving the Polar Bears!!! Now, how's that for going Green?!?! Bear Naked Wipes, by Josie Maran, come in a package of 30 and can be found at her website , Barney's or Sephora. Here's a little info about the product:

Wipe off makeup and dirt nature's way, with a blend of natural and healthy ingredients including aloe vera, cucumber, and vitamin E. Free of fragrance, parabens, and petrochemicals, these luxuriously soft wipes are kind to tender eyes and skin and are biodegradable. Leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed!

Now you don't have to go to sleep with that make-up! You can do something great for your skin and the environment and the polar bears!!!!

Live long and Go Green!!!!!!!!!!

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