Monday, December 28, 2009

Z-Spoke Has Arrived!!!!!!

Looking forward to Spring and all that is holds in store! From beautiful, blossoming florals to warmer weather to all new fashion trends! What's on the fashion addendum for Spring 2010? Recessionista, high end meets low designer essentials. Zac Posen is first up for Spring! Posen's low end, line exclusive for Saks, Z-Spoke, hits stores this Spring with a fabulous 60-piece line of knits, khakis, dresses and more! And better still...The price point...Starting at $78! That's news to my ears!!! I'm more than excited to see what the famed designer does for girls on a budget!! He definitely aims to please, just look at the fabulous creation, that folks are still referencing, that he designed for Ms. Rihanna! I still think this was the most fab dress on the red carpet at the Grammy's last year! He rocked it and is sure to rock it on the Low as well!!!!!!!!

Live Long and Get Ready for Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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