Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sale On!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sales this holiday season our ever flowing! Starting with an additional mark down of the Gucci sale items(only for a limited time). I don't think they have ever had such a promotion!!! Maybe Louis Vuitton will catch the sale bug too???!!! Wishful thinking... On to the sales!!! First up...Urban Chic!!! Right now, you can save up to 75% off of clothing and denim! They even have a buy two get 15% off of any sale item! How's that for a steal! Next on the sale platter...Anthropologie! They are in the midst of major mark downs! Get in now and save!!! And come out looking oh so lovely in the process!!! This is just the start of many more after holiday doorbusters(my hubby loves saying this word, cuz it tickles me so)! I'll keep you posted!!!

Live Long and Sale, Sale, Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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