Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ride Out!!!!!!!!!!!

With Winter approaching and wardrobe needing another shift, try on a new trend! What's hot? Knee Patch Leggings! This spin on the riding pant, incorporates the comfort of basic leggings and the chicness of an almost leather pant! All of us may not be capable of pulling off a pair of skin tight leather stretch pants(which are also hot, right now), but the Knee Patch allows you to take baby steps and look hot while doing so! Pair your Knee Patch leg with a simple blazer or over sized tee. Or try it with the ever so popular jersey dress and a pair of booties and you're in business! Still aren't convinced? Try a more subtle approach; the Knee Patch tight. Same take on the trend, but a wee bit more safe(and they look great under a silky, short dress or skirt). You've got options! Go ahead and take a ride! Your legs will thank ya!

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!

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