Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun In Fleece!!!!!!!!

I know. I know. Fleece equals 7th grade gym class: plain sweatpants and your school's logo tee! Well, with all the snow we have had on the East Coast, I can't help but think of all things fluffy and white. Not to mention, staying warm and cozy! Fleece Dressing bridges the two together quite nicely! As I have mentioned, I am all about comfort dressing these days(having a 16 month old an all), but still fashionable!!! The two definitely go hand in hand, in my world! With that said, let's check out some great Fleece looks...First up, at the Gap, is this great fleece blazer! It packs comfort, quality, and chic-ness, for under $60 bucks! Next up, another great fleece find from Intermix: Metallic Fleece Motorcycle Jacket, chic and oh so fashion forward! Ooh, I'm also loving this oversized fleece, jeweled sweatshirt by Gryphon; it will look great with leggings and booties! Lastly, and my favorite take on the traditional "jogging suit"...the fleece jumpsuit by Juicy Couture! Comfy and Cute!!!! This so isn't your 7th grade gym class! It's Fun in Fleece!!! If only, gym class could be so fabulous!!!

Live Long and Have Fun In Fleece!!!!!!!

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