Monday, April 30, 2012

Striped and Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My New Pep-Stripe-It's Back!!!

There's something about me and stripes as of late! I don't know if I'm feeling ever so nautical or just craving horizontal lines??? Whatever the case, my prayers have been answered because, Stripes are Everywhere! From thin to thick. Basic to multi-colors! Anything I can imagine from a frock to a tee! If it's a stripe I need, a stripe I shall have!!! Love it! Aren't sure stripes are what works for you? I get it, sometimes vertical lines work better for some, but you can't go wrong with a basic striped tee!! Go ahead and set sail and work those stripes!!!!!!!!!

Blazin' Stripes

Bold Stripes

Mini Stripe-Steal!

Easy Stripe

Patchy Stripe

Soludos Barca Flat Espadrilles
Summer Stripe

Patterson J. Kincaid Flemming Tie Neck Tank
Fancy Stripe

Striped Jack

Live Long and Stay Striped!!!!!!!!!!!

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