Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Come and Get Your Soulfood

For all my music lovers; I have something for you to feast upon...
For those of you who have experienced XM radio( im currently hooked on the Groove-64 myself) and for those contemplating trying out satellite radio, allow me to introduce you to something soulful; a tasty treat for your listening pleasure: E-Class...Teaching the Evolution of Soul on Suite 62 every Sunday from 12-2pm est. Let me give you a little background on the show:
(Suite 62) on Sundays called "E-CLASS" (the music elite)…teaching the evolution of soul… which features a rare blend of NU-SOUL/acid jazz/rare grooves/electronica/dance/funk/soulful house/ambient/afrorock/lounge/brazilian jazz/afrofunk-beat/spoken word/experimental, etc...Feel free to submit some hooootness to be played on air. We encourage you to send professionally mastered and mixed music for the country to hear. We wanna hear from known and unknown, national and international artists who want to get voices heard. Let's give radio something new and fresh.
The show is hosted by Kia Bennett( My HU homie) and Deborah Bond(If you havent checked her out, you need to do so; her albums DayAfter and AfterDay(the remix) are both great pieces of work) and these ladies are putting it down, from Jamiroquai, to Omar. From new school Anthony David to ol' school, Sade and the list goes on! I enjoyed my first serving this past Sunday and I was definitely left hungry for more!!!!!! It was definitely a tasty treat!!!!
Check it out! Oh, by the way, XM radio offers a free 3-day trial!!! And now you have something to look forward to on Sunday!!!

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jennifer said...

I am hooked on Groove 64 also. Loves it!