Friday, May 25, 2007

Flower Power...Peace and Love

Flower Power...Peace and Love

Bouquets , Roses, Tulips, Carnations...Flowers everywhere! May is the month of flowers. From spring gardening, to graduation, to mother's day, flowers are all around. Well, flowers arent just for giving but for Wearing! Oh, yes ladies, this spring is all about flower power and floral prints!!!! I know you are saying, ooh, floral prints are for old ladies, but check out some of these elegant blossoms and you might just have a change of heart! Florals can be done in an many assortments: Fun and Flirty, Sexy Chic, Demure Lady; just remember to pair with a solid heel or wedge and funky clutch or straw bag!!! And youre ready to bloom!!! For more ideas see this month's(May 07) InStyle magazine, page 144 and give some Power to the Flower!!!! Live long and dress well!!!!!

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igyal said...

Oh, Toni. I'm so glad that you're finally steppin' out! Live now,'ve got the best fashion sense of anyone I've known (really, I mean it)! Can't wait to say that I own an original "My Mommies Closet" piece! Ianessa (igyal)