Friday, May 25, 2007

For all my Gucci Lovers

Ladies and Gentleman...

The Summer Gucci Sale has arrived. Save up to 50% off handbags and clothing in participating stores in the U.S.

The presale begins tomorrow. This means you can go into a Gucci Boutique, purchase an item for the sale price, however it wont be available for pick up or mailing until the official sale begins, which according to my resource has not been confirmed, but it will be in June(im guessing the first week, but don't quote me). I have been fortunate enough to pick up two great bags as a result of this sale, both here in DC and in Hawaii. Oh, and fyi, once the sale begins, you can also find sale items on the website at! Hmmm...let's see oh yeah, the sale happens twice a year in June and December! I will keep you posted on the dates for the December sale ( i usually get a postcard in the mail). I have been told that some other great designers (i.e. Christian Dior) also have a similar sale. So...Louis Vuitton needs to get on it(they Never have a sale).

Let summer begin with a timeless bag! Happy Shopping!

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