Friday, May 25, 2007

Stepping out on a limb

Fashion...Where do I begin. Well I have always been an admirer of great fashion. Ever since I can remember I have always had a watchful eye for all things Fabulous! I was always in someones closet whether it was my mom's(best clutches and boots), dad( best worn-in Levi's)sister's(best make-up, purses, and all things trendy), even my big brother(remember those striped Guess overalls I stole out of your closet? they were sooo fly!!!). Guess we all were blessed with a little Fashion Sense. (thanks mommie, you made it all possible). My dad, although very frugal, was also a great fashionist-o(if that is a word. so thanks daddy)! He allowed me to explore my many changes in fashion by allowing me to step out with some crazy git ups(I did grow up in the 80's and 90's) and subscribe to the likes of Sassy and YM(do y'all remember Young Miss)and many an outfit were created! Wow, guess I have been into this longer than I realized.

Well, with all this said and lots of encouraging words(thanks Sister's Dining), I have decided to Step out on a Limb and share a little bit of my world of fashion and inspirations with all of you! I hope you find some helpful tips about everything from my favs to the latest looks in fashion, make-up tips, smell-goods, music and travel spots!

Welcome to My Mommies Closet...Take a peek inside and let the creations begin!!!!


mom4peace said...

What took you so long?;) We've been waiting for someone to be our fashion ghuru.

gladys said...

Hi Toni

I think this is great and so different. I will be checking out your blog regularly. You know that you and I have the love of fashion and beauty things in common. Besides, who knows where this will take you. I think we are better and we do better with the endeavors that are interesting to us.

Love and best wishes for success,

Momma Gladys

moni said...

Nice job!! Thank you for inspiring others and for stepping out on that limb. Your interests are my interests. So...I'll be checking in regularly!!

Nicole Barnes said...

Congratulations Toni on creating your new blog! I will be sure to visit! I'm so proud of you for following your heart's desires! Missy

Rosie said...

Good for you Toni! I will check your blog every time I check YBF! :)