Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fade to Gray

Fade to Gray Fade to Gray Fade to Gray Fade to Gray

This fall, fashion has introduced the new Black...Gray!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gray has been turning up in all my September issue fashion mags! Even "O", Oprah's magazine did an entire spread, complete with celeb models and all on the "it" color! Gray!!!?? Once thought of as drab and nondescript; Gray has now become, raw, edgy, and a great transitional color from summer to fall. Gray has taken on lots of variation this season. Not only can you find the color in traditional looks like dresses and pants, but handbags, shoes, and coats have added to their collections as well. Let's take a look: First up are dresses! The great thing about the dresses featured here are that they come in flattering cuts for most shapes, wide and thin, and the color is complimenting too. Gray is a great paired with black, of course. But also red and yellow!!!!! These dresses can be paired with a hot pair of red pumps(which is also a highly talked about fall color) or if transitioning, try one of these dresses with a bare leg, a cute yellow flat(like this one by Sam Edelman "Celine") and another hot item, a metallic tote bag!

Gray is also perfectly paired with bronze tones, deep purples, and burnt oranges and vibrant pinks! I'm loving the Gray and Cobalt Blue combo! Hot!!! Be bold, be creative, step out on a limb with your Gray. You wont fade away if you know how to rock your Gray!!!! Here are some other looks to try by Vince and Juicy Couture!

Live long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!

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