Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ring Bling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You wanna jazz up that LBD(little black dress)???? Try a fancy, but inexpensive bauble! Try some Ring Bling!!!! Rings are the best accessory for the Fall if you are looking to add a lil something or just to finish off a look! Rings can go from high to low, whatever your budget will allow and here are some great places to check out for super chic, razzle dazzle!!!!!

-Urban Outfitters: for 80's style, edgy, rings! ($5-$24)

Jcrew: Offers chunky, enamel cocktail rings at a moderate price. ($40-$75)

And last but not least: Forever21(thanks for the inspiration,Dawny): For the most affordable and still very fashionable ring bling!!!

(they offer rings for under $8 bucks!!!)

So, ladies!!! Don't let that outfit be without a funky, chunky, blingy, accessory! Try a little Ring Bling!!!! Your hands will never be the same!!!!!!

Live Long and Bling Well!!!!!!!!!!!!

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