Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Iron Gate 8/6

Looking for the perfect date spot in DC??? Look no further. Trot yourself down to the Iron Gate Inn Restaurant. Located in Dupont Circle. The Iron Gate Inn is where you want to be. It's got nostalgia, ambiance, and great food!!! Not to mention, the service was quite excellent. I never had an empty glass of water!

A little history about this hidden gem. The Iron Gate Inn is one of the oldest restaurants in Washington DC. It was originally a horse stable located on an estate, that was later transformed into a restaurant. It holds a lot of history and inside you will find authentic horse stables(no longer in use of course) that have been transformed into quaint, romantic, dining cubbies. It's amazing(thanks Jen and Dawny)!!!! Oh, and did I mention the outside dining takes place under a real life grape tree??? And yes, the grapes are edible!!!! It's a perfect way to share an intimate dinner with friends(thanks Ladybugs) or with a special someone, or even for a large event(they have a retreat in the upper portion of the stable for large parties!!!!

You'll never look at a horse in the same way! Experience...The Iron Gate Inn!!!!!

Live long and Dine Well!!!!!!!!!!!

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