Monday, August 27, 2007

T-Shirts that SpeAK

Not your ordinary tee with a message...Introducing Sir Alistar Rai! Here's a little bit about her and the creatively, social works: kiran rai brings ancient brings ancient teachings to modern society, by creating tees and clothing with meaningful messages!

If you have seen the "Obama 4 Change" tees worn by Halle Berry and other celebs or "Impeach Bush", then you have already caught a glimpse into the designers collection! Grab yours today and Spread a message with Meaning without SpeaKinG!!!!!

Live Long and Speak Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


E said...

Told you I was keeping're the only fashion authority as far as I'm concerned. Stay an inspiration ;-)

Luciana said...

I know a few people who were looking for the Obama T-shirt worn by Halle Berry and could not find it! I just sent them this posting. Great Site!