Monday, April 28, 2008

Buckle Up!!!!!

Wondering how to jazz up that plain dress...Belt it!!!!!!!!! The simplest accessory to wear is making a comeback this spring. Belts are not only functional, but funky and stylish too!!!! Mod, leather belts work for sprucing up your favorite trench or try a metallic skinny belt for a retro, 80's look, think Flashdance...Leggings and an oversized V-neck tee, with a metal, gold belt...Hot Tamale!!!!! Or, keep it simple with the prairie style...Woven, oversized, belt, with a frilly, feminine, frock! Whatever look you are going for, let your belt be the finishing touch!!! We all know how important it is to "Buckle Up..." It's the Law!!! So, go ahead and get you a belt!!!!

Fav Gold Belt: Urban Outfitters $15

All belts featured here can be found at Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie!

Live Long and Accessorize Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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