Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Music for all Seasons!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we transition into spring, flowers bloom, trees sprout new leaves, all things are renewed, so why not renew and refresh your musical collection with a little Fertile Ground!!!! One of my favorite neo-soul, husband/wife duo team up with their band, hailing from Baltimore Md., have an inspiring collection of works! At the top of my list and perfect for the changing season, is the uplifting Seasons Change album. This album was originally released in 2002 and features some of their best work, in my opinion. With songs such as "Rise" and "Illumination," you are sure to be put in the mindset of growth and renewal. The album was also remixed and it only gets better. I highly recommend it! It will carry through spring, right into summer, fall and right back to winter! It may just be the soundtrack your life was looking for! Enjoy!

Live Long and Grow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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