Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Great White Has Returned!!!!!!!!

That's right ladies! The White shirt is making it's mark once again; as Gap introduces it's limited edition Designer Collection of White Shirts(see my June 07 blog "The Great White Hope"). This year the designers have churned out some fabulous, affordable, threads! Here's the skinny: finalist's of the CFDA or Counsel of Fashion Designers of America teamed with Vogue to create an exclusive white shirt for Gap. Some of the designers featured include: Phillip Lim(love him), ThreeAsFour, Band of Outsiders, just to name a few. Check out for more details and head over to a participating Gap asap and pick up your designer exclusive today!!!!

One can never go wrong with the right, white shirt!!!!!

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Fav: 3as4 $88

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