Monday, April 21, 2008

Scarf Action!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it would seem that the neck is getting lots of attention this spring! What accessory seems to be making its mark all four seasons? The Scarf!!!!!!! Scarves are all the rave right now. Just ask the young college kids to the ritzy, glamour mamas! There is a scarf to suit anyones fancy. And how great is a look that can be rocked by both men and women at the same time? Fabulous! Scarves are the perfect, simple accessory for jazzing up a simple, basic v-neck tee and shiny black leggings. Or throw on a scarf with your favorite basic knit dress. Or wrap yourself up in a light, Love Quotes scarf, with your white tank and you are sure to get some action! Scarves can be found all around and encompass all the latest trends and prints. From ikat to ombre to gothic. Whatever your heart desires. Its out there for you in the form of a Scarf!! I have selected some of my favs, both high end and low, from Shopbop(of course), Shopintuition, and the always affordable, Forever21!!!! So go on and let your neck be your number one accessory this spring and summer!

Affordable Finds from the 21:

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Favs: by Sir Alistair and Vanessa Bruno

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