Monday, May 17, 2010

Love At First Frost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Small. Round. Yummy!!!! Words that come to mind when I think of the decadent bite of a cupcake I devoured this Mother's Day! Frosting...A cupcakery or boutique of desserts, I call it, opened in Chevy Chase, Md. recently!!! The little slice of heaven comes with a great love story that is sure to tug at your heart-strings! The bakery boutique is quaint and charming and offers great picks like "nilla-nilla" and "reDelicious"! My fav...Nilla-Nilla!! The icing is the best part-thick and sweet, just like I like it!!! It's definitely worth your time and Love!

These tiny desserts definitely come with a lot of love!!!! And you will see the love first hand!!!

Live Long and Eat Well!!!!!

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