Friday, May 21, 2010

A Whole In One!!!!!!!!!!!

Things just keep getting better and better in the Friendship Heights area of DC. What's to come next??? Well, I was more than overjoyed at the opening of the new Whole Foods Market at Friendship Heights! Located in the new retail epicenter of The Shops at Wisconsin Place, the new addition to Chevy Chase, Maryland is filled with lots of space and tasty treats! The highlight for me...The Falafel station!!! Yum! I'm pretty new to these Mediterranean, chick pea balls, boy was I missing out! There is also a burger station, fully equipped with full-size and mini-burgers. And of course all the usual WF treats: salad bar, hot bar, pasta bar...all that's missing is a cocktail bar, but MD. doesnt permit such, so you wont find wine or beer here. Not a problem; as there are certainly other ways to get your fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop in today! Oh, and did I forget to mention the fancy conveyor belt system that carries your groceries down for you to drive up and pick up??? Gotta love that!!!!

Live Long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!!!

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