Monday, May 31, 2010

Shrek-Tacular!!!!!!!!!!!!! Opi Goes Shrek!!!!!!!!

Inspiration comes in all forms these days! Case in point, the Shrekology makes its final debut this spring with Shrek Forever After! And what a way to go out with a bang, than by introducing a hot line of fun-tastic nail colors!!! I have been sporting the powder blue hue, aptly named "What's the Cattitude". Other Shreky colors include: a lovely lilac, "Rumple's Wiggin", a ocean deep blue, "Ogre the Top Blue", and of course an ode to the movies namesake, "Who the Shrek are You?" You've gotta love the creative collaborations behind the awesome shades of OPI. They never cease to amaze me with their eye-popping, conversation sparking, nail candy!!!

Shrek up your nails and toes for the summer!!! Now playing in a salon near you!!!!

Live Long and Polish Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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