Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gotta Give Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live It, Give It...Love!!! What a motto to live by!!!! I think everyone could use a little more love, don't you? Wanna spread some Love around??? Try wearing this tee and doing just that! The Love tee was introduced to me by my sister in law, who is also a good friend of the owner/designer. The story of how the tee came to life is one that will not only touch your heart , but perhaps be one that hits close to home! Check out the story here. This wonderful creation not only celebrates love, but it celebrates life and remembering how important it is to do all things, with Love in Mind!!! The tees are made of soft, cozy cotton from Alternative Apparel, and partial proceeds go to support a fabulous foundation!

I'm spreading the Love, wont you? (Kids sizes are coming soon!)

Live Long and Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

LCA said...

Toni, this is awesome! THANK YOU... for not only living and giving, but spreading the LOVE.
XOXO, Lita