Thursday, July 29, 2010

When In Paris...You Must...

My own little Daily Candy of sorts...Enjoy!!!!!

Eat: Vesuvio Cafe This hot spot, which was great for people watching, is located in the heart of the city on Champs Elysses. This is one of our favorite places to eat when in Paris! They have the best French Onion soup I have ever tasted...In my Life!!! Great salads and pizza too!! Its a Must!!! Sit outside and watch the sights!

Le Paradis du Frut Located on the infamous George V, this cafe is trendy, chic, and good for you! With its specialty being its fruit, you can't go wrong with the great selection of smoothies and salads. Oh, and did I mention the music was the big ol' bomb?? Took me back to freshman year at my alma mater, H.U., the real H.U.(Howard University in case you didn't know) with classics from Total( Cant You See) and Mary J. Blige...Get your groove on and enjoy good food-Win, Win!!! My hubby had the mix platter that featured falafel, hummus, chicken, and more...Yummy! I had the chicken Caesar salad and it was huge!!! I highly recommend!

Honorable Mention goes to...

See: Chateau De Versailles Musical Fountains Show. Amazing is all I can say about this place! The garden was spectacular! Pictures don't do this place justice, you just have to see for yourself and get a gelatto while your there!!! It was the cutest little, tucked away spot and it was something Good!!!!

Shop: Now you know the shopping is endless in Paris, so I will highlight my top two!

Claudie Pierlot This Parisian boutique was the epitome of fabulous, affordable fashion. And I must say that July is the time to visit Paris for shopping-everything and I mean everything was on Soldes or Sale!!! It was amazing. I stumbled upon this shop while hitting some of the more popular places(Marc by Marc Jacobs was fantab and so was Little Marc) but I scored big from Claudie! Cute tees and on trend jumpers and clogs! Yes, they even sold shoes! And their signature...a cute, dainty bow! It could be found on just about anything: simple and chic, not too frilly and not too over the top, wearable and like I said, pocket friendly! And the sales associate was so sweet and accommodating-extending herself by going next door to a cafe' to get water for my son...How awesome was that??? Gotta love Paris!!!!

Merci This hidden gem and I mean it is hidden was shared with me by my sweet Jiggy! She told me it was a must see and was she right! Tucked away, this cute, eclectic boutique houses everything from home accessories, to jewelry, to a sample sale of sorts of high end designer duds! It was Tres Chic!!!! Reminded me a little of a Barney's with a twist! They even had a cute cafe' attached! Fantab!!

Style: If you will be traveling to Paris in summer be sure to have a pair of gladiators and/or ballet flats and no Tory Burch, just a plain pair of comfy flats that are suitable for all the walking you will surely do! Go for Chanel flats, if anything! Flats were spotted on just about every person I saw, no age requirement at all! Tres Chic!

Dwell: Fouquet's Barriere This hotel is a definite must. Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury! The hotel is just 3 years old, but it has the charm and service of a hotel that's been around for much longer! Our luxury, upgrade came fully equipped with a scenic view of Georges V, Louis Vuitton, and Champs Elysees...and a Butler!!! A hidden, in wall, flat screen adorned the bathroom and the bath accessories were top of the line! They even give you a mini bottle of Guerlain perfume, which is one of the oldest French perfumes! Its all about attention to details and they've got it covered!!! Fabulous!!! And you must dine at the world famous Fouquet's restaurant, it's where to see and be seen and the dessert tray is Tres Bien!!

Next up...Cape Town, South Africa! Stay tuned!

Live Long and Travel Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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J.P. Archie said...

FABULOUS!!!!!! I love it! Girl, we are going to Paris together. Paris will not know what hit'em. LOve it!