Monday, July 26, 2010

Been Around The World...Pt.s 1,2, and 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This summer took my family and I on a World Tour(extra special thanks to the Husband for putting it all together) around the globe!!! We traveled to and from 3 continents...literally, with a 21 month-old?????!!!!!!!!! (and he was Fantaburific, by the way). Our journey began here in the states, as we made the trek out to Dulles Airport and if you live in the D.M.V(dc, md., va.) you Know, it is a journey in and of its self! But we made it, just barely! Headed to Paris, France then Cape Town, South Africa, and the last stop Amsterdam, The Netherlands! It was a fabulous affair, filled with lots of adventures(as one could suspect, traveling with a toddler), lots of sights, food, and of course SHOPPING!!! Stay tuned to the next few posts, which will be titled "When In...You must..." With this, I will highlight some of my favorite spots that I would "highly" recommend one to see, eat, shop, dwell, and everything in between! My intention? Well, hopefully, as life takes You on a World Tour, you will have the chance to check out some of the wonderful sights that I did! I too, had lots of tips on "things to see and do", which I will be forever grateful for.

For now, sit tight and get ready for the journey!!!! Au Revoir!!!(still feeling very Parisian) and of course...

Live Long and Travel Travel Travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


J.P. Archie said...

Very nice, TW!!! Cannot wait to read the next few posts. Traveling is such a wonderful thing! Au Revoir!

nita scot said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout!! And I love this post. Makes me wish I was there right now. Can't wait for the next installment.