Monday, September 20, 2010

All Flared Up And Ready To Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who's all Flared Up??? I am!!! Which is why the flared jean is just right for me! It's perfect for balancing proportions. If you are a hippy girl, like myself, the flared jean is the perfect answer! It's just the right amount of small up top and bell at the bottom, which is exactly where the eye is drawn to. Top it off with a flouncy blouse or a chunky knit and finish with the perfect wedge!!! Voila, you've got your go to outfit!!! The flare is a must have for Fall!!! Do yourself a favor and get into some flared jeans!!!! My top picks: Jbrand and William Rast!!!

Live Long and Flare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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J.P. Archie said...

Love flared! That is what looks best on me. Hehehe!!! Here is a pic of some that are really cute by See by Chloe.