Thursday, September 2, 2010

Launching Into Cyberspace!!!!!!

Ladies and Gents--Get ready for something great, well a little great, Zara(the upscaled version of H&M) will launch their ecommerce site today!!!! Fabulous, but you know there is a catch--shoponline will only be available in France, Spain,Portugal, Italy, Germany, and the UK! My hope is that the US won't be far behind. In the meantime, get those Ipads, Droids, Mac's, and any other mode of World Wide Web connection ready for shopping one of Europe's best kept fashion retailers!! For more info go here.

Before, I go I must send a special, bday shout out to one of my favorite fashionista's and Zara lover (see My Cute Little Platforms): Jiggy Loves aka Jiggy -Pat aka JPA aka Jpizzy!!!! Happy Birthday and Lots of Love!!!! Celebrate big!

Live Long and Celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!

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