Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little Skirt On The Prairie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This fall welcomes the return of the 90's!!! From combat boots(i.e.Dr. Marten's) to slouch socks(and yes, I still own two pair from the 90's...I have a problem letting go sometimes) to one of my fav's...the Prairie Skirt!!! Think less Laura Ingalls more Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Nicole Richie, all of whom work this trend quite effectively!!! I found some great floral takes and pleated numbers this weekend while cruising through Zara Georgetown! Here are some of the looks I loved! Not sure how to pull off this floor length trend??? Try keeping it simple on top, with either a fitted tee for early fall or try this oversized, boyfriend sweater(try stealing your boyfriend/hubby's), paired with a skinny belt and clog-booties(clog-blog coming soon). This is one look that most can pull off with ease, without taking it all the way back to the farm!!! Happy shopping!!!

Live Long and Skirt It!!!!!!!!!!!!

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