Friday, February 18, 2011

A Tribe of Your Own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Tribe Called Neck

What's hot in prints for this Spring/Summer is most definitely all things Tribal inspired! I was riding in to work this morning, pumping my Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders and thinking how awesome they were and how sad it was when they split. Well, tribes are meant to stay together and be strong, so how about starting one of your own...on your Neck, that is! Tribal Necklaces are the accessory you need to get your S/S wardrobe in high gear! I love the designs and affordability from House of Harlow and even Banana Republic has great pieces that represents all things tribal!! These pieces are meant to stand alone and be the center, so make sure you keep the ensemble simple and let the Tribal piece do All the talking!!!

House of Harlow-My Fav

House of Harlow

Banana Republic


charm and chain

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this free bird said...

Your fave HOH up top is most def my fave here too! I do love a tribal necklace!


Fashionista Extraordinaire said...

Thanks Carrie!!!!! Im so excited about you leaving a comment! I just recently discovered your fantab blog and I just love your laid back Cali style!!! From one Cali girl to another, you are Fab!!!! Best wishes to you and the Chef! ;)