Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Black Love Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February means love and celebration! It's a time for loving the one your with(although, everyday should be) and it's a time to celebrate African-Americans and their achievements! Today introduces an exhibit that promises both love and celebration: Tavis Smiley presents America I Am: The African American Imprint. Here's a little info: Take a journey through trials and triumphs while exploring nearly 500 years of African American contributions to the economic, political, cultural, and spiritual development of the United States. Bear witness to more than 200 poignant artifacts from the dungeon doors of the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana to Prince’s guitar.
The exhibit, hosted by the National Geographic Museum, starts today and runs until May 1st. It is sure to be one worth checking out; I most certainly will be. How will you celebrate this month? Whatever you do, do it with LOVE!!!

Live Long and Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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