Friday, January 28, 2011

My New Favorite Quilt!!!!!

Bev Bag

Alice Mini-Reminds me of a Chanel

Alice Messenger-For on the Go Ladies

Alice by Kooba

Daydreamer by Juicy

Ivy by Big Buddah-my fav

My new favorite quilt comes in the form of something warm, cozy, and sure to hold everything I need...Quilted Bags!!! What's new and hot in handbags? The quilted bag is certainly at the top of the list! From Tory Burch to Kooba and of course the infamous Chanel and lots of affordable options in between, cuz I too am a fashionista on a budget, these days! These bags put me in the mind of a sleeping bag with a strap! I know, that may not sound so appealing, but check out these hot little, big numbers from Tory Burch's spring collection! Quilted bags are a great transition piece too. Taking you well into spring, lasting through summer, and welcoming winter! You've got a bag for all seasons and it may even carry your favorite, cozy quilt too!!! Check out these looks I'm loving!!!

Live Long and Bag It!!!!!!!!!!!

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