Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old Is New Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vintage clothing is defined as any clothing originally belonging to another era. The 70's is a big one, with its bell-bottomed, high-waisted jeans and floral prints and the 80's are currently getting lot of play with its bold prints and bright colors! Vintage was big for me in undergrad, one reason being its amazing affordability(sometimes, Vintage can also be VERY pricey, depending on the label)! And then there was Ms. Carrie Bradshaw (via styling by Patricia Field) who was the ultimate in vintage styling! And then there is my Jiggy, who can spot a fabulous vintage piece in a heartbeat and turn it into the most fabulous look! If you too are a lover of all things vintage or at least a lover of vintage looking pieces you should check out the following:
Persephone Vintage : This etsy shop features some of the best vintage pieces from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. From classic mini dresses to funky striped blouses. Here are some looks I love...
Vintage 70's Mini Dress

vintage 80s black knit avant garde batwing dress
80's Batwing Dress

vintage leather gray avant garde strong shoulder jacket l
Vintage Leather Jacket
Next up: Stone Cold Vintage also available on Etsy and she also has a blog here This California girl, combines flirty, feminine, pieces with a spritz of current trends!!! Anthro might be a wee-bit inspired by this one! My favs:
Vintage DVF
50s Mohair Deep Tan Long Knit Jacket (S)
50's Sweater Coat
For Vintage with an edge, check out We Move Vintage. My favs:

Shirt Dress
80's Cropped Blouse

Not really into wearing previously worn clothing, but still love the look of vintage? Then ModCloth is for you(and they have a vintage section too)!!!!! My favs:

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!

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