Friday, January 21, 2011

Keep Hope Alive!!!!!!!!

hope in a jar
A little Hope goes a Long Way

My new beauty regimen includes: target make-up remover wipes(soft and smooth and effective), Noxema for on the spot blemish treatment(always does the job) and for the grand finally...a little Hope in a Jar by Philosophy, moisturizer(with an spf, of course)! I first heard of this product on Oprah's favorite things show. I rushed right on out to my nearest Sephora and decided to try a sample...I left with samples and a Jar! What's so great about this little jar of heaven, you ask? Well, I was sold by the texture and the scent! There's a hint of lavender and it goes on like silk! And it includes an spf of 25, which all us lovely ladies should be using on a daily, sun or not! On top of it all, there are little exfoliates inside and antioxidants to help fight all those nasty environmental bugs!  Gotta protect your prized possession, you only have one face; show it some love and get some Hope! Find your perfect combination here!

Live Long and Give Good Face!!!!!!!!

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