Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gucci Gone Baby!!!!!

Adorable, Cutesy, Over-the Top...All words that come to mind when I look at the new Gucci children's collection for Spring/Summer 2011! Fashion forward, yes! Price conscience, NO! But sometimes, fashion out weighs cost, right? Well, I won't be running out and buying my precious jewel a thousand dollar, leather jacket, but I can be inspired and so can you!!!! Check out the collection here! Im in love with this look! I could so see my little guy rocking this look, head to toe!!! And I love how they have featured J-Lo(does she still go by that moniker?) and her adorable, fashion-forward duo to advertise the collection! Cutey, Cute-Cute!!!!

Which look do you love???????

Well, I will be hoping to hit the lottery, until then...

Live Long and Shop Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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