Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Big Bag Of Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I'm so in love with big bags! I suppose my new role as a mommy may have something to do with the need for additional bag room! Well, I think I have found a way to satisfy the need for a big bag and going green-Big Buddha bags have me covered!!!  I found out about these great, faux leather bags while working at a fabulous, RED shoe boutique(oh, I miss you WildWomen). Big Buddha bags are roomy, on trend, and fantastically affordable! I spied this big bag of fun and it is a total winner! You can't even tell that it's not leather and it holds a ton!!! Perfect for your upcoming travels or shopping extravaganzas!!! Gotta have a Big Bag!!!

Live Long and Go Big or Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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