Monday, January 10, 2011

Bright and Boho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boho Gone Chic!

One of a Kind, Oversize Hippie Bag vintage N0035
Hippie Bag
BoHo bag made from vintage textiles N0014 Only one
Boho Bag
On a recent girls trip to Napa, my bestie mentioned her love of a cross-body boho bag. The general response was, eh...Kinda hippie, not so chic, but then I saw this accessory report, my mind did a 360! Bright Boho bags are more than chic and so right for a beach getaway or just the perfect spring accessory!! Roomy and comfortable and sure to be a conversation piece! The lesson here, never turn your nose up to fashion, because even the grooviest of items, holds much potential!!! Check out these cute little numbers...Hopefully, one of these will tickle your fancy, KnockOut!!!!
Tylie Ikat
Cleobella Boho


Live Long and Bag Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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