Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Miracle Pant!!!!!!!!!

The iPant by Wacoal
Recently, I received not one, but TWO emails introducing me to the new iPant!??!? My first thought was, Wow, Apple has their hand in just about everything technical and now they have ventured into clothing??? Well, upon further reading I discovered it was not a new accessory for your iPad, but a new, slimming under garment by Wacoal!!!!! Since coming to the realization that not all of us can wear sexy, slinky bras from Victoria's Secret(which, by the way, aren't that great in quality at least for anyone over a C-cup) I had to make some big girl decisions about my foundation garments--along came Wacoal! Wacoal bras are pretty fantastic-being both supportive and even frilly, at times! Now, they have taken it one step further with, the iPant! This miracle of a slimming, shapewear pant has everything but, an automatic pilot button in the seat! The pant claims to not only be an amazing shaper, but it also contains microcapsules containing caffeine, which promotes fat destruction(we all need that), embedded in the microfibers!!! That's science and technology for you! In addition, the pant includes vitamin E, retinol, and aloe vera, which all are great to prevent the effects of aging(even the thighs age-Sheesh)...Bye, bye Spanx??? The jury is still out as I have not yet visited my local Neiman Marcus lingerie expert, Cynthia, to test out this miraculous, concoction!!! Sounds too good to be true, but definitely worth checking out, especially with Spring on its way and holiday feasting resting on those hips and thighs!!! For $60 bucks, it might be worth the investment!!!! I'll keep you posted!!! Until then...

Live Long and Shape Well!!!!!!!!!

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