Monday, December 24, 2007

Decorate, Adorn, Beautify...Embellish!!!!!!!!!!!

The end of the year is near and what better time to enhance your wardrobe with a little Embellishment!!!!! Decorative dresses and tops are just what you need for a special new year's eve out on the town!!!! From jazzy, jeweled necklines to shiny, sparkly sweaters!!! You are sure to catch an eye and ring in the new year with a little bling!!!!! I'm loving these finds from Karta. This designer definitely loves to embellish dresses and tops at a hefty price($219-$396). Karta can be found at items on sale now), Neiman's, Saks and other fine boutiques. I have also found some great(reasonably priced) embellished looks at J.Crew and Forever21!

Hey...A little embellishment never hurt anyone...Well at least when it comes to clothing!!!!!

Live long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!

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