Thursday, December 6, 2007

Guide to Style's Essential's List!!!!!!

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style will be airing its season finale tonight, so what better time to present his Essential's List, which is the top 10 items every woman should have in her closet!!!! To give you a little background on the show which airs on the Bravo network, Thursday's at 10pm; it stars the Mr. Make-It Work man himself, Tim Gunn and the former supermodel Veronica Webb. The premise of the show is to give a fabulous make-over to a woman in need. Not only do they raid the target's closet, but they also address the undergarments, which are crucial to making an outfit work!!!! In addition, they address an issue or conflict that may be holding the individual back, which I think is ultra important. So, not only do they do an exterior make-over, but they work on the inside too!!! I love it!!!! You have to check it out and see what I mean!!!!

The best thing that I have taken away from this great show is the Essential's List, which I have put together to share with you!!!!! Check out what every fashion diva and diva in the making or just day to day woman, should have in her closet! Let's start!

1. Cashmere Sweater: Perfect for a cold winter day!

2. Trench Coat: This season's hottest outerwear accessory!

3. Sweatsuit Alternative: i.e. cute littlehoodie with leggins or jeans

4. LBD: Little Black Dress

5. Crisp White Shirt

6. Blazer: Cropped Blazer's are really cute right now.

7. Day Dress

8. Skirt: A-lines are always very flattering

9. Black Pants: Key advice...Ladies with hips, get those pockets sewn down or opt for pants without pockets.

10. Jeans: Try on as many pairs until you find the right one for you. Wide legged, dark denim are always flattering.

*Bonus: Trendy Item: i.e. Sequin dress, skinny pants or jeans or mini dress(they are sure to be a trend that won't last forever)

So, now you are set and ready to get your wardrobe in order!!!!!

(all styles featured here can be found at,, and

Make it Work!!!!!!

Live long and Wardrobe Well!!!!!

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