Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Meet me at the Opera...

And dont forget your gloves!!!!! Ladies, every woman is in need of a pair of opera length, ladylike gloves (thanks J.P)! My friend has shown me how truly fabulous this look can be and so easy to pull off, especially with the trend of coats and sweaters being cropped sleeves. We gotta keep those arms warm!!!! And why not be ladylike and elegant while doing so? I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair and have had much success with my old faithful, Ebay!!! I searched for vintage leather opera gloves and bingo, Jackpot!!!! And great prices too!!!!

One of this seasons best accessory is all about the arm-length glove. And their are many colors and textures to chose from! I have found some sample looks just for you!

Go ahead, take a chance and the opera would be perfect with that special someone and the perfect accessory to match!!!!!

Live long and Glove Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jazzyrockwell said...

BRAVO!!! GREAT BLOG TODAY!! I absolutely love the opera gloves.