Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dust Your Shoulders Off!!!!!!!!!

'Tis the season for flirty, fun, cocktail dresses! The holiday's are amongst us and many a party will there be to attend. So why not do it in your best dress!!!!

Shoulder dresses are quite hot right now! From Banana Republic to Urban Outfitters! From Rachel Pally to Porter Gray!!! The shoulder is the best exposed body part for the winter season. You can find styles that range from a single shoulder strap to hot halters! Both styles are both elegant and flattering to most body types!!!! The styles featured here can be found at, banana republic, and urban outfitters. I would also check out Zara and HM, as I am sure they have some great takes on this fashion trend!!!!

You are sure to be the life of the party in one of these hot numbers! And dont be afraid to give'em the Cold-Shoulder, because your sooo Hot!!!!

my fav: Rachel Pally @shopbop

Live long and Shoulder Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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