Monday, December 17, 2007

Customer Service is not Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Tis the season for crazy, erratic, behavior. Whether it be the aggressive driver taking your parking spot or the intensely, long line, while waiting to purchase that one pair of gloves!!! Regardless of the situation, the last thing you need is a rude salesperson to be the icing on your already miserable cake!!!!

No fear...I have found the saving grace! Customer Service at it's best!!!! This is the time of the year where people can lose all sense of kindness(the irony in it being the giving season and all), but low and behold, Bloomingdale's!!!! They have shed a whole new light on the meaning of "Great Customer Service" for me.

Did you know that they will match the price of an item that they carry???? All you have to do is bring in a copy of the match price and its a go!!!! Case and point. I recently purchased an item, by an unfamiliar designer for a little over a $100 bucks. Went home, curious about the designer, and came to find the same item on (get familiar) for $65 bucks!!!!!!!! Whoa!!!! My antenna went up and I said, " I'm taking these back, asappy!!!!" But, I didn't want to brave the cold and outside just yet, so I called, spoke to the very friendly salesperson I had worked with, and he explained the procedure to me and all I would have to do is bring my receipt and the website printout!!! Jackpot!!!! I was like, "Hell Yeah", I can certainly do that!!!!

So, the lesson here...Dynamic Customer Service is alive and thriving during this season of chaos and not so friendly behavior!!!! And it's always great to know that the customer is still #1!!!!!!!

Some other great leaders of Customer Service would include, Nordstrom(they return most anything, without question), Anthropologie(they have a new system of tracking your purchases, so you don't even have to save all those darn receipts) and of course the GAP( gotta love price adjustments within 2 weeks)!!!!

It's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live Long and Dress Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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