Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seeing the Light!!!!!!

So, I was in Bloomies picking up bridal shower gifts for one of my Ladybugs and I decided to make a pit stop to the Nars make-up counter, where I met a fabulous make-up associate by the name of Agnes R.(she was really great and I believe she was actually a Dior specialist) who introduced me to the most magical product! Christian Dior Skin Flash: a radiance booster pen! This little pen boost your eye concealer and gives you a glow(which I love to see captured in photos). Agnes showed me lots of tricks(using to cover fine lines under your lips, eyes, nose, just about anywhere), but my focus will be on my eyes! Now, one never can be quite as successful at recreating the "look" given at a make-up counter, except for my big sis Sonia, she is really good at all things make-up related!!! So, my first attempt at applying my favorite new product did not leave me with, quite the same effect. But, that didn't leave me discouraged, especially given the fact that I didnt have all my tools needed for proper application( I was running a little late heading to the shower, so I had to act fast and use my fingers instead), and I did get a few comments on my "highlighter" so, I'm feeling pretty excited about my new find! I found the Light and it came wrapped up in the most precious little pen and pouch! Thanks, Agnes, you are fabulous!!!!

Of course, this purchase did not stand alone, I also picked up the new Chanel Nail Colour, which was just featured in this month's InStyle Beauty issue. The hot color of the fall will most certainly be a mix of the putty brown color that was ever so popular last fall/winter and a hint of purple...Lovin' It!!!! Paradoxal is sure to be a hot item, so get yours now before its gone, baby, gone!!!
Live Long and Make-Up!!!!!!!!!!!!


nita scot said...

Love the nail color and your make-up. Was going to tell you that. I also like the light lipstick. Who is that by? Maybe I should visit Rose :)

J.P. Archie said...

Who are those fabulous ladies on your blog? Love all the dresses! Also, that color on your nails is HOT!!!