Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Hot Pant!!!!!

Forever 21 y'all!!!! Cheap prices and all the latest trends...You cant beat it! Case and point...A co-worker of mine (hey Lauren) was in the market for a pair of Harem Pants and was curious as to whether they were still a "hot commodity." I quickly informed her, "Yes" especially having just returned from one of the fashion epicenters of the world: Paris and yes, they were just about everywhere...Very Parisian Chic! So, with that in mind, my quest to find the perfect pair for Lauren to experiment with began! First stop...Forever21! In addition, I found these and these and just discovered these(at a great price I might add). All of which were a good starting point, but the price point of the F21's for someone who is still on the fence about the "hammer--I mean Harem" pant, were a much better deal and ohhh so cute! Check out Lauren's looks here!!
I love how she dressed them up and down! Comfy-casual and Super chic!!! Win--Win!!!! This might just be the pant your Fall wardrobe was missing!!!!

p.s. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister, Lori!!!!

Live Long and Harem Chic!!!!!!!

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