Monday, August 9, 2010

When In Amsterdam...You Must...

Our final stop of our World Tour Journey left us in the land of wooden shoes and tulips, of which we saw many clogs, but very few tulips, but we did come back with lots of bulbs to be planted!!! We were only there for a day, so we worked in as much as we possibly could. Here's the skinny...

See: Well we didn't see a whole lot because the weather was not the best, but here are a few pics of what we did take in...Lots of beautifully constructed buildings, canals, and a hint of the infamous Red Light District!

Eat: Falafel at Grillroom Falafel Kabab and Frites!!! Hidden secret. Very non-descript, but oh so yummy and cheap!!! Good eats for cheap...Win Win Win!!!!!

Honorable Mention: Guacho's Steakhouse: Steakhouses were very popular in this part of the world. It really reminded me a lot of being in Argentina, home of chimichurri and all things related to the "cow". This place was a yummy, late night treat!! Great drinks, great steaks, very quaint!

Maoz: Home of one good falafel. Can you tell I'm hooked on these things! The husband turned me on and I haven't looked back! Maoz is where it all went down for me in the States and we found one in Amsterdam too!! Didn't try it, because we were busy trying out unfamiliar falafel houses and
o glad we did, too!

Shop: Although we didnt get to do any major shopping(a souvenir here and there) I was told and will definitely check out on my trip back, the area to check out is p.c. hooftstraat
It is home to all the high-end brands and some off the beaten path boutiques too!!

Dwell: The Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel. Prime location and very modern, charming hotel! I am so glad that we decided to take a good friend's advice and stay here. We were quite pleased with the service and food. And the bathroom was cute too...I love bathrooms...Go figure!

Live Long and Travel Well!!!!!

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